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A Cephalometric Study for Comparative Assessment, Interchangeability and Accuracy of Sagittal Maxillo-Mandibular Jaw Relationships

Introduction: In this retrospective study, we evaluated different methods for assessing skeletal class I, class II and class III relationships in the sagittal plane with twenty-two parameters, comprising of thirteen angular and nine linear measurements and later determined the level of agreement between them..

Methods: Pre-treatment Lateral Cephalogram of 100 patients, both male and female, 11-25 years of age group, were taken. Measurements pertaining to various sagittal maxillo-mandibular jaw relationships were assessed manually and compared for interchangeability and accuracy.

Results: Among all the angular parameters, YEN angle was found to be homogenously distributed as well as highly reliable in all the three groups. The strongest correlation was found between FABA angle and AF-BF distance, thus high interchangeability among the parameters.

Limitations: For standardising norms, further investigation must be conducted in different populations for assessing different parameters of the sagittal discrepancy.

Conclusions: All the parameters assessed in this study shared statistically significant correlation amongst themselves. Therefore, conjunctive use of at least three analysis should be done rather than relying on one single parameter and relate them with clinical findings.


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